LECOM pharmacy tuition is a flat $27,730 per year.

5 seats are guarenteed to Lake Erie College students into the LECOM Doctor of Pharmacy degree.

. The LECOM School of Pharmacy is affiliated with over 1,800 practice sites to provide experiential rotations for its students.

Application to the EAP is free.

Reviewed: 6/7/2021.

. What is LECOM acceptance rate? approximately 6. LECOM has developed special Early Acceptance Programs with select community colleges, undergraduate colleges, and universities that grant qualified students a provisional early acceptance to LECOM’s School of Pharmacy, School of Dental Medicine or College of Osteopathic Medicine.

Jul 28, 2022 · For reference, there were 53,370 applicants in 2020-2021.

Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine (LECOM) Get your Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine degree in as little as seven years through our joint program with the nation’s largest medical college. ‍The average cumulative GPA for LECOM's most recent incoming class was 3. Application to the EAP is free.

. The medical school has 2,739 full-time faculty on staff.

LECOM Dental School 4 + 4 program.


. Nonrefundable fee due 30 days after receipt of acceptance.

Sep 25, 2019 · LECOM consistently offers one of the lowest tuitions among the nation’s private pharmacy schools. 2 PS: 7.

9 percent first-time pass rate.
Applicants must be U.
) in as little as five years.



. 2. ) in as little as five years.

. Requirements. . LECOM graduates receive a Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm. Is Lecom pharmacy. LECOM School of Podiatric Medicine 4 + 4 program.

Founded in 1992, LECOM confers medical , dental , podiatry , pharmacy , as well as master's degrees in the health sciences.

The LECOM professional school Early Acceptance Program (EAP) allows qualified students to be given a provisional letter of acceptance; i. · The LECOM School of Pharmacy has affiliation agreements offering Early Acceptance Programs (EAP) that allow qualified undergraduate students to complete the Doctor of Pharmacy degree (Pharm.

What is LECOM acceptance rate? approximately 6.

Advanced placement credits will be accepted for pre-requisite coursework with a score of 3 or higher.


Specialization Rates on 2017-2018 Match.