Due to the bravery of Giani Bhagwan Singh, the Lahore Durbar gave five villages of Valla, Verka.

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Jassa singh was great personalities of the 18th century and the pioneer.

He was the supreme leader of the Dal Khalsa during the period of Sikh Confederacy.

Jassa Singh was born on 15 May 1723 AD in Ichhogil. Sikh Coins (Numismatics) 273 11. W.


. . Sardar Jassa Singh Ahluwalia.

PPSC. The mushrooming of pockets under the authority of Sikh leaders was thus a feature of the two decades preceding Durrānī’s invasion of the Punjab and took place not.


The Sikhs were at their bi-annual meeting at.

. Jassa Singh Ahluwalia was born (1718-1783) at a village called Ahlu or Ahluwal near Lahore, established by his ancestor, Sadda singh, a devotee of Sixth Guru, Hargobind.

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Ahmad Shah Abdali (Durrani), lord of Punjab whose vassal included the Mughal emperor in Delhi and the world’s greatest conqueror of his time, was ranged against Jassa Singh Ahluwalia ‘the mountain’, Padshah of the Sikhs.

Kapur Singh and after his death, Jassa Singh Ahluwalia were the most conspicuous leaders, Jassa Singh who belonged to village Ahluwal in Lahore D istrict, was bom on the Baisakh Sudi 15,1775 B.

tesseract 5. PREFACE In the ‘Punjab Heroes Series’, the book, Sardar Jassa Singh Ahluwalia is not only the life history of this 18th century brave son of Punjab; but also a chronicle of th. Jassa Singh Ahluwalia Item Preview.

Jassa singh was great personalities of the 18th century and the pioneer. Sultan-ul-Qaum Sardar Jassa Singh Ahluwalia (3 May 1718 – 23 October 1783) was a Sikh leader during the period of the Sikh Confederacy, being the Supreme Leader of the Dal Khalsa. . . .


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A great battle was fought between Nazib*-Ud-Daula and the Sikhs and the Jats.

His forefathers were kalals (wine merchants).

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